Not about fruit. About people and processes. About defining the balance between the art and science behind what makes fruitful organizations.

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Unify the team.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” ~ Peter Drucker

The primary reason for organizational dysfunction is the lack of a unified mission. In missionless organizations, people run around in as many directions as there are people. Fruitful coaching and workshops are venues to distill the motivations of your team into one clarified purpose. In phase 1 - UNIFY - we focus on building a healthy culture.



Position the team.

If you want to win, you have to have the right team. If you want to have the right team, you have to hire carefully, coach effectively, and structure your team optimally. This is not a one-and-done kind of deal — you must continually cultivate your team and hone your org chart for maximal traction. In phase 2 - POSITION - we focus on team health, hiring, firing, coaching, and the org chart.



Harvest the fruit.

Once you know why your organization exists and the proper roles for each team member, you are fueled up and ready to go. But that doesn’t mean it’s all good. You still have lingering issues and impediments which need to be cleared off the road. In phase 3 - HARVEST - we focus on capitalizing on strategic opportunities and solving nagging problems. Phase 3 is the most collaborative of the phases, and if you join a Fruitful coaching group, you will benefit from the brilliance of the group as we work to solve your problems and help you pounce on new opportunities.


what we help teams develop

Mission & Core Values / Culture / Healthy Org Chart / Cleared Path to the Mission / Strategic Opportunities

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Meet Brad.

I am an author, EOS® Integrator, pastor, and organizational catalyst from North Texas with a passion for helping connect people to what matters. Through my practice I help small businesses and non-profits bear fruit by unearthing the game-changing opportunities and solutions to nagging problems.