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I’m Brad. I am an author, pastor, and organizational catalyst based out of North Texas. I help small businesses and non-profits grow their people and refine their processes so they can be maximally fruitful.

What is an organizational catalyst, you ask? Good question. A catalyst incites change, whereas a consultant speaks from the mountaintop of experience. I’m not hating on consultants; I have hired many of them and been mighty pleased I did. But as a catalyst, my mission is not to lecture but to facilitate conversations which bring out solutions.


My practice is based upon online coaching in both group and individual settings. While I do offer custom coaching for select clients, my primary offering is based on a 3-step curriculum:

  1. Unify the team (establishment of core values and mission)

  2. Position the team (building a healthy org chart and assessing team strengths)

  3. Harvest the fruit (removing impediments to the mission and addressing strategic opportunities)

I also offer a full day workshop for teams wanting to work through the Fruitful curriculum. Everyone gets in the same room, gets real, and gets to work on the organization. Contact me for pricing and availability.


foundational experiences


Growing Pains
I was COO of a construction company which exploded from $30M in revenue to $94M in revenue, and it nearly killed us. I then helped bring that company back down to earth by rebuilding its culture (core values, mission, and org chart) and refining its processes (SOPs, meeting cadence, etc.). I had some excellent people working alongside me during the process, and I learned a ton from them. Despite the turnaround in culture and the full implementation of EOS® which increased profit margins by 40%, the company struggled significantly. What we did right and what we did wrong is permanently stored on my mental hard drive.

Watching God Work
In 2011 I helped plant The Door Church in Coppell, Texas — where I serve as an elder/pastor. I recall the early meetings, a bunch of fresh-faced rookies eager to see what God was up to. Through the years God has built his church despite our sinfulness and ignorance, and I have been shaped by the weighty and joyful process of pastoring.

Smiling and Dialing
I have heard Dave Ramsey say that “partnerships are ships that don’t sail”. I think he’s right most of the time, but I have experienced the joy of a good partnership in the commercial real estate business. Together we burned up the phones and logged air miles building a practice representing large corporations in warehouse real estate projects throughout the U.S. All revenue was generated by cold calling on the phone, and this is where I cut my teeth in the sales and marketing game.


books i’ve written


personal stuff


I married over my head and have three delightful arrows in my quiver (Psalm 127:4). I love theology, art, and the outdoors. I exist to see God glorified and his people edified.